Walk the Walk: Gulf Residents March to Washington

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This weekend, a brave (and hopefully strong-footed) team led by Cherri Foytlin – journalist, mother of six, and wife of an oil rig worker in Louisiana – will begin a month-long, 1,200+ mile walk from New Orleans to Washington, D.C. Cherri and her Road to Washington team will stop at towns and cities along the way to talk to local residents, raise awareness of the continuing impacts of the BP spill, and garner support for the impacted communities of the Gulf Coast.

Her message and mission are simple. Nearly one year after the spill began, Cherri Foytlin and her family have “had enough.  As her family’s livelihood is increasingly threatened by financial deprivation, Ms. Foytlin has run out of time.”

The walk aims to rally support for health care resources for the people of the Gulf Coast who are “silently suffering the effects from the spill,” increase solidarity among environmental justice activists nationwide, demand increased investment in clean energy and green jobs on the Gulf Coast and end the use of chemical dispersants in public waters. The walkers will carry the message to Congress and the President that they must act in response to this disaster, investing Clean Water Act penalties in the Gulf, create a Gulf Coast Citizens Advisory Council to give the people most impacted by the oil industry a voice in its future, and create a transparent process for research, oversight and safety of the oil industry and the Gulf.

Cherri herself put it best in explaining her motivation for undertaking this walk: “There are two types of people in this world, those that encourage others and raise them up in love to do more, be more, have more, and those who would seek to control and discourage others to be more than THEY are – I am asking those who belong in that first category to ignore the other group, and just WALK YOUR WALK.”

Walk your walk, Cherri, and we’ll be here to greet you when you reach Washington, D.C. next month!

Learn more about the Walk and how you can be part of the journey, and see the map and itinerary to find out when the walkers are coming to a town near you!

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  1. Donna D Lee says:

    I wish you all the best on your walk.

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