Scandinavian Spill

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February 28 update: new (and disturbing!) photos of clean-up now available from Greenpeace images

(photo courtesy of New York Times)

Just when you thought you might never see another photo of oil-absorbent boom, the Icelandic ship Godafass ran aground last week and began dumping oil into a Norwegian marine park.

Though not as disastrous as authorities originally feared, the oil is endangering habitats for sea birds, coral reef and other wildlife in the marine reserve. Attempts to contain the spill have been slowed and stifled by the Arctic ice, which is also preventing officials on scene from accurately estimating how much oil was spilled (up to 1,000 pounds, but likely less, according to reports). Perhaps this is a lesson to keep in mind as we consider drilling in our own Arctic waters?

The photos and video of the spill, courtesy of the Norwegian Coast Guard, are disturbingly familiar: clean-up workers scooping up crude, oiled boom floating through the water, and dirty brown coloring what should be blue waters. Even as the impacts of the BP Gulf oil spill continue, a quick look around the world shows the daily dangers of our oil reliance on display.

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