New Video…and Old Oil

January 21st, 2011 | Uncategorized |

(Photo Credit: Markus Huettel)

The latest installment of Gulf Tides, a video documentary series on the BP oil spill disaster from our friends at Gulf Restoration Network, is up today. The news isn’t good, as complaints about transparency and equality in distribution (or lack thereof) continue to plague the BP claims process. Check out the video to see what these flaws in the claims process might mean for Gulf Coast communities and ecosystems, both immediately and months and years down the road.

Just as the economic impacts of the spill continue to plague the Gulf Coast, so does the oil itself. An update from the National Wildlife Fund finds that oil remains – just feet beneath the surface – across the Coast. As the Wildlife Promise blog explains, despite the cleaned up surface, one need only “dig two feet below the pristine surface and a tarry, brown surprise awaits you – you’ve struck oil.”

Their studies find that both crude and dispersed oil have been washed ashore and trapped just below the sand, complicating the clean-up process and threatening clean water supplies. Nine months after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, one thing is clear: much work remains to clean up the oil spill mess and continue the long work of restoring the Gulf.