The Religious Mandate To Not Abandon The Gulf

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Yesterday, as part of the launch of After the Spill, Rachel Cohen of the Religious Action Center published an op-ed in the Huffington Post on the religious community’s commitment to long-term oil spill response and Gulf Coast restoration. As we approach the six-month anniversary of the start of the spill, with public and media attention moving on to the Election and the next big crisis, faith communities around the country remain dedicated to sustainable restoration and renewal of the Gulf. We know that the transgressions of  justice brought on by this oil gusher will be with the residents of the Gulf for months and years to come, so we commit to stand with the residents of the Gulf as well.

As the piece explains, we as people of faith “remain focused on pursuing environmental and economic justice, and we refuse to let the Gulf disappear from public attention.”

We know that unanswered questions remain surrounding the spill, and that the Oil Spill Commission, Congressional committees and others are investigating both the cause and effects of this disaster. Yet, as the op-ed highlights, “one question demands our immediate attention: How do we respond to the overwhelming human needs — food security, income loss, community devastation — caused by the spill, particularly as public interest wanes?”

This question is what continues to drive our commitment to the Gulf Coast and to a sustained and sustainable response to the oil spill disaster. As we approach the second six months of a crisis whose long-term effects will be with the Gulf for years to come, the communities involved in After the Spill refuse to abandon the Gulf, and we hope you will join us in calling for a comprehensive and effective response effort – from communities of faith, from the oil industry, and from our government.

As the op-ed concludes, “The well is dead; our commitment to the Gulf cannot be.”

Read “The Religious Mandate To Not Abandon the Gulf,” and tell us what you think of our efforts so far.

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